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The National large-scale live magic Holography

Publish time:2018-06-23 18:24:21

Case of Hangalaxy project.

The first large-scale immersive experience magic holograpy show held In Chengde, Hebei,acting on 10000 square meters of holographic images, 6.1 sound technology and 34pcs 30000 lumen laser projector. The exhibition of the light holography shows use Hangalaxy transmission system.

The following is construction site to install Hangalaxy HDMI transmission cable.

Holography Show Photos

The main equipment of the projection of 34 Panasonic Pt-srz31k 30000 lumen projector, nvda1060 video card and computers. In such a huge project, if use the copper transmission cable, it is impossible to work.

But Hangalaxy long distance transmission system can solve all problems. 14pcs Hangalaxy brand 100 meters HDMI transmission system,16pcs Hangalaxy brand 50 meters HDMI transmission system. Total 30pcs Hangalaxy transmission cable required for this project perfectly.

The cable management is so easy, simple and tidy.

Thank you for watching. We will continually to present new technology transmission products in the future.