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 MPO/MTP Optical fiber jumper

MPO/MTP Optical fiber jumper

Hangalaxy MPO/MTP Optical fiber jumper can easily deploy data center and fiber optic infrastructure environment. Span in connection the module box or fan-out cable between MDA, HDA and EDA area, the efficient plug & play architecture greatly reduces the initial installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

In Hangalaxy, according to series of requests from customers, we provide kinds of non-genetically gigabit multi-mode MPO fiber optic patchcord , 12 chips optical cables, ribbon optical cables and 3.0mm bundle optical cable or 2.0mm mini bundle optical cable. Customers can request connector type MPO or MTP, or freely choose multi-mode MPO fiber optic patchcord length or other configuration. All products pass Telcordia-GR-326, IEC and RoHS standard.

Hangalaxy Trunk Pre-terminated Cables and MPO use high quality cables and MPO components, with low insertion loss and high return loss can fully meet the demanding high-speed network.

Product Features
Product Applications
Product Specifications
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Product Features
* Low insertion loss
* Good interchangeability & pluggability
* Wide range of MPO production
* High quality ferrule, PIN accurate alignment
* Pass Telcordia GR-326RCORE standard and RoHS
* Drawing and MTP can be provided
* Provide 12 to 144 chips fiber connector
* Use 12 or 24 chips MPO connector, minimize failures and space
* Can update 10G to 40G,100G network transmission, support 100G transmission delay index
* According to customers' different requests, provide kinds of fiber specfications such as multi mode OM3,OM4 and single mode G652S,G657A2 etcs
* Use round, small OD special structure new type cables, so as to achieve smaller main cables bending radius, make storage and laying more efficient
* Use dust-proof, anti pressure, anti tensile both ends protective sleeve, can effectively protect cables and fiber optic connectors from transportation and installation process
Product Applications
Different building enterprise LAN cabling
Optical active devices optical link interconnection
Communications Base inside wiring, distribution Box wiring
Optical signal connection in residential area, industrial park machine room, commercial buildings
Dense buildings wiring system
OFC, CATV, telecom networks

Performance Index

Items Specifications
Suitable connectors type MPO or MTP
Fiber type Single mode, multi mode (PC)
Operating wavelength range 1250~1650nm850nm1300nm
Testing wavelength 1310nm1550nm850nm1300nm
End face grinding type MPO:APC;Branch terminal connector:UPC or APC MPO:PC;
Branch terminal connector: UPC or APC
Insertion loss MPO:typical value0.4db, max value 50db
Branch terminal connector:typical value0.2db, max value 0.3db
Return loss MPO: APC50db Branch terminal connector:UPC50db
Branch terminal connector50db
Suitable cable type MPO:ribbon optical cables, bundle optical cable
Branch terminal connector: 2.0 or 0.9mm loose tube fan out
Repeatability ≤0.10dB
Interchangeablity ≤0.20dB
Durability Plug and pull out 500 times,typical value0.2db
The vertical force 0.9mm is not included or as per customers requests
Working temperature -20~+70
Storing temperature -40~+85

Mechanical Specifications

Cable chip 12 24 48 72 96 144
Branch lengthcm 30~150
Max install tension(N) 500 500 700 700 700 700
Cable min bending radius (Static state) mm 10 times cable OD
Cable min bending radius (dynamic state) mm 20 times cable OD
Working temperature(): -20桫+60
Product NO. Product description Unit
10153-A-B-C Multi mode OM3(50/125um anti- micro pressure fiber), MPO/MTP Optical fiber jumper PCS
10153-A-B-C Multi mode OM4(50/125um anti- micro pressure fiber), MPO/MTP Optical fiber jumper PCS
10109-A-B-C Single mode OS2(9/125um ), MPO/MTP Optical fiber jumper PCS
10175-A-B-C Single mode (G657A2 anti-micro pressure fiber ), MPO/MTP Optical fiber jumper PCS

Remarks: all cables with LSZH sheath.

A : cable chip (012-12 chip, 096-96 chip, 144-144 chip etc)

B: MPO connector chip (08-8 chip,12-12 chip,24-24chip etc)

C: Cable total length ( 010-10m,100-100m etc)

For example: 10153-24-12-30

Product description: multi mode gigabit OM3 (50/125um anti-micro pressure fiber),24 chips MPO-MPO/MTP Optical fiber jumper 30m, using 12 chips MPO connector.