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 KVM signal long distance transmission system

KVM signal long distance transmission system

Hangalaxy KVM long-distance solutions including terminal box, USB3.0 high-speed data cable, HDMI AOC is a highly efficient and cost-effective computer terminal remote control solution, with a lot potential advantages in many enterprises, public network offices and entertainment environment.

The program combines remote, efficiency and cost, in favor of improving the user environment, management efficiency and effectively save power. Fully meet demand of long distance control, monitoring effect, energy consumption, safety, environment friendly and easy to use from enterprises, individual users. It has been widely used in large and medium-sized enterprise office environment, Internet cafes and other entertainment environment, which is particularly worthy of promotion of remote terminal management solutions.

Hangalaxy extender terminal box

Hangalaxy extender terminal box is a new front-end device for connecting mouse and keyboard, audio, and USB external hardware. With three USB3.0 downstream ports, two USB2.0 downstream ports, a pair of HDMI input and output, and a pair of 3.5mm audio interface.

Application Architecture of KVM signal long distance transmission system

Using Hangalaxy KVM long-distance solution, all host computers can be placed together. There are two cables to transmit data between host and end-users. One is HDMI AOC connecting host and display HDMI port, so as to achieve high definition video transmission; the other one is USB3.0 high speed data cables, directly connect host and extender terminal, the terminal connected to the mouse and keyboard, so as to achieve mouse operation and remote Startup & Shutdown.

KVM connection diagram:

KVM topology diagram: