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 HDMI Active Optical Cable

HDMI Active Optical Cable

Hangalaxy HDMI Active Optical Cable is the most convenient, effective, stable long-distance, Ultra HD signal transmission solution. Ultra HD 4k signal transmission, Transmission Distance ˇ 100m, 3D signal support, Plug and Play and no need external power.

Finished cable component:
Chip+Cable+Copper cable+ laser +software

Note: please make sure your Source and Display device HDMI male plug can provide 5V electricity to power the AOC.

Length Specification:
20M/30M/---/100M( Can be customized)

Scheme comparison
Production Process
Product inspection

• HDMI Active Optical Cable Application

Widely used in challenging environments, such as exhibition hall, stadium, Performance & Art Center, Security system, medical imaging equipment, outdoor LED display, family cinema etc.

• Product Technical specification

HDMI AOC edition1.4 edition2.0
supported resolution(4:4:4) 3840 × 2160@30Hz 4096 × 2160@60Hz
cable Diameter 4.0 mm 4.0 mm
Bend Radius (dynamic/static) 15mm/8mm 15mm/8mm
Tensile Performance(long -term/short-term) 130N/230N
Crushㄩ(long-term/short-term) 200N/400N
Operating and Storage Temp -20 - 70°C
weight 50m < 1kg
Type HDMI type A pluggable 坼 HDMI type A pluggable
Support 3DㄛHDCP 2.2
not supporting Ethernet and  ARC
Power supply      From the main equipment of the HDMI electric:5V(international standards)
Power consumption <250mW
Catalog 15m/20m/25m….50m/60m/100m/300m(over 100m to be customed)

Comparison of HDMI Active Optical Cable with Copper+chip and other projects

  Hangalaxy HDMI Active Optical Cable Copper+chip project
Distance Longㄛ> 100m Shortㄛ< 40m
Diameter Thinㄛ3*5mm Thickㄛ>8mm
Flexibility Soft, can encircle pen Hard, only can encircle bottle
Weight Light,50m<1kg Heavy, 50m>6kg
Signal quality Good,effectively fix the problems of short distance, bandwidth deficiency,signal jam etc. Related to copper quality, signal can be jammed easily.
  Hangalaxy HDMI Active Optical Cable Pure optic Optical transceiver
External power No Yes Yes
Volume Small Big Need interconnecting device
Max resolution 4K@60p 1080p@60p 1080p@60p
Usability Plug & Play USB power Need interconnecting device & optic patchcord
Compatibility Great like Copper Normal Bad, resolution settled by hand
Technology Solution
High-speed clock and data channels uses optical fiber transmission, which make sure signal 100% original for 100 meters distance.
Low-speed signal uses traditional copper transmission, which ensures terrific compatibility.
每 Using micro lens array system
每 Using DuPont aramid fiber
每 Ultra small chip area,<1.2mm2
每 Ultra-low power consumption,<250mW
每 No need external power, which means adapter is not needed, more comfortable for consumers.
Packaging Technology
Wafer installed directly
25um diameter gold wire connection
Production Equipment
Using high precision equipment, precision < 5um
Using the most advanced optical passive alignment method
Assembly Technology
High precision laser fiber cutting
High rate Electron microscope end face detection

• Product Inspection

Raw materials inspection
10X microscope PCB surface inspection
40X microscope optical center offset detection
Chip adhesive force testing
Gold wire push-pull force testing
CTS standard testing
Ultimate temperature testing, -40⊥‵+70⊥
Temperature impact testing, 4⊥/min
Vibration testing, 10~55HZ
ESD testing, 8KV
Mechanical property testing, Tension testing, Buckling testing, Torsion testing

End product testing

All outgoing products are passed beat, buckling, tension,circular motion etc mechanical testing.

6Gbps eye diagram measurement