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 DVI Active Optical Cable

DVI Active Optical Cable

Active Optical Cable composition:
Chip £« Fiber Converter £«Fiber cable £«copper cable£« software

Innovative Technology Solutions:
1.Using advanced photoelectric ultra chip(chip area <1.2mm2).
2.Using special coating and production process to achieve signal transmission, compatibility and production efficiency.

Product advantages:
1. Complete ultra-high-definition signal long-distance transmission without compression.
2. With good compatibility, high link stability, plug & play, No need external power, no need drivers, Highly resistant with EMI and RFI, environmental friendly.
3. The cable is light, thin and soft, weight and volume only 1/3 of traditional copper. Provide convenient and efficient, manpower and label saving to project design and construction.

Product Features:

1. DVI AOC needs to write the EDID information of the target display device at the source end, and the source end connector come with the EDID function.

2. The Active Optical Cable has directivity£¨Display/Source£©.

Items Specifications
Bandwidth rate 10.2Gbps
Cable diameter 3.0mm
Tensile Performance:(long-term/short-term) 100N/200N
Crush£º(long-term/short-term) 200N/400N
Bend Radius(dynamic/static) 80mm/40mm
Operating and Storage Temp -20 - 70°C
weight 50m < 1kg
Type DVI type A pluggable -- DVI type A pluggable
Power supply From the main equipment of the DVI electric:5V(international standard)
Power consumption  <250mW
Catalog 15m/20m/25m¡­.50m/60m/100m/300m(over 100m to be customed)